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Over a patchwork of Americana, soul and rock, Boston musician and songwriter Billy Dodge Moody explores themes of family dynamics, mental illness, relationships, and grief with unfiltered candor on his upcoming album release Condition


 “Wildlife,” the debut single from Condition, is a roots-rock driven exploration into many of the record’s themes, namely mental illness, as Moody poignantly illustrates the importance of humanity accepting the natural, emotional ups and downs that come with being alive.
“My intention when writing ‘Wildlife’ was to celebrate life while also capturing the experience of inner turmoil, whether it’s mental illness or any personal affliction that impedes on your ability to live life the way you want to,” Billy says. “It’s about coming to terms with these self-perceived weaknesses and accepting there are parts of our nature that are out of our control, but we have to roll with the punches the best we can.”


The accompanying video for “Wildlife” features Moody and two of his band members, Jon Chapman (drums), and Sam Bouve (bass), jamming in a remote field located in his hometown to symbolize the need for us to step outside and be a part of this world as we bare our internal struggles.