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Jeremy & The Harlequins LIMITED EDITION Double Blue Vinyl ABRA CaDaBRA



[Bonus – Digital WAV download with vinyl purchase]

  1. It Won’t Be Love (4:01)
  2. One Shot (of Rock ‘n’ Roll) (5:13)
  3. Afterlife (4:36)
  4. Lullaby In The Dark (4:16)
  5. Let Me Out Of You (3:45)
  6. You Gotta Be Bad (4:19)
  7. World On Fire (4:00)
  8. Someone Else (3:18)
  9. Heaven (3:37)
  10. Don’t Take Debbie Away (3:37)
  11. Murdered Me (2:47)
  12. Looking Out My Window (4:29)
  13. November Night (4:13)

Pasadena Catalogue #: PR-21-04 | VINYL UPC: 0805859082029

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It’s easy to feel like there’s not much magic left in the world, especially after the turbulence of 2020. In early March of that year, every member of Jeremy & The Harlequins got sick with Covid-19. Soon after, they parted ways with their record label. It would have been easy to be discouraged – or even throw in the towel – in the face of such devastating, world-altering circumstances, but that was never an option for the New York City band. Rather, frontman Jeremy Fury responded by making the band’s new album an exercise in overcoming extreme adversity.

ABRA CaDaBRA, then, is Jeremy & The Harlequins biggest and most important mission statement to date. It not only shows that there’s always a path back into the light, but that you can also be that light yourself. They decided that they were going to make the best of a bad situation by writing the album they’d always wanted to make, matching the severity of the situation with the most grandiose and ambitious songs they’d ever written.

And that’s precisely what they did. Yet while the band might have approached writing these songs as if they were for their first album, the acclaim and attention their previous records garnered – including  support from Bruce Springsteen’s longtime E Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt – helped them achieve that goal.

In fact, most of the album was recorded at Van Zandt’s New York Renegade Studios by Geoff Sanoff (Bruce Springsteen, Little Steven, Jesse Malin), although the vocals were recorded, mixed and mastered – like 2017’s Remember This – by Rick Parker (Lord Huron, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Scott Weiland) at Sandbox Studios in Hollywood. That’s a dream combination in itself, but the band didn’t just stop there. They also enlisted Hamilton on Broadway’s lead violinist Jonny Dinklage to add strings.

Jeremy & The Harlequins album, ABRA CaDaBRA is a lush, orchestral, widescreen vision of all of life’s ups and downs, pandemic or otherwise. That Jeremy & The Harlequins have been able to infuse this album with that spirit, all on their terms, makes this album all the more impressive, powerful and – true to its title – magical!

The band delve into musical traditions from earliest rock to bring a certain “boogie” to the new collection. In short Jeremy & The Harlequins deliver music magic – Glide magazine

You can always count on Jeremy & The Harlequins for some retro-influenced rock goodness, and their new single “It Won’t Be Love” is no different. – We All Want Someone