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BETTER THAN ELECTRIC [BONUS digital WAV download with vinyl purchase]

1. Shine (3:28)
2. Better Than Elextric (Featuring Maps) (3:49)
3. At End Of Night (3:09)
4. Unbroken (3:36)
5. Thunderstruck (2:52)
6. Miss Robot (2:17)
7. Lost In Time (4:07)
8. Odyssey (3:34)
9. Black Flower (4:21)
10. On A Sunday Night (2:57)

(vinyl album contains the 10 tracks from Better Than Electric listed above)


Kid Moxie is the musical moniker of Greek born, LA-based Elena Charbila.

A blend of powerful beats, noir pop melodies and haunting soundscapes, Kid Moxie’s music is ethereal and engrossing. Kid Moxie’s musical collaborations are diverse and unexpected, from indie upstarts like Gaslamp Killer to the legendary Angelo Badalamenti, with whom she created a new version of “Mysteries of Love,” originally recorded with David Lynch and Julee Cruise on the classic Blue Velvet soundtrack.

Kid Moxie has hit the ground running in 2021, currently working on her upcoming studio project “Better Than Electric” which includes collaborations with a variety of producers including MAPS and Faderhead to be released via US based Pasadena Records in spring of 2022. She is also working on the theme music for the revamped Orion Pictures logo and in the process of recording an EP with the popular German electronic pop artist Nina (

In addition, Kid Moxie has provided music for a series of short films released by Greek Vogue featuring the supermodel Winnie Harlow, released a disco collaboration with the producer Luxxury, contributed three titles to the very popular video game Cyberpunk 2077, with a soundtrack released by Lakeshore Records.

She has also scored the soundtrack for the motion picture ‘Unpleasant’ with a soundtrack released by Lakeshore. The first single and video from this release, her version of the Alphaville pop classic ‘Big In Japan’ was released in January 2020 as part of the soundtrack and a white vinyl collectable single.

Kid Moxie has released three albums “1888” and “Perfect Shadow” and the soundtrack to “Unpleasant” for Lakeshore Records. Kid Moxie tracks have received substantial international airplay, been featured on hit TV shows, in European films and in car commercial campaigns.  Her tracks have premiered on Entertainment Weekly, Vogue, Stereogum, Noisey and many more influential publications and websites.